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Salt on the Rocks with a Twist Please!

One of my most persuasive managers gave me puppy eyes last week and I somehow ended up agreeing to an 11-hour shift which involved crawling through attics and basements in search of salt shakers and spending what was supposed to be my break running from shop to shop in search of coarse salt for an … Continue reading

Vikings! Un-horned and hygienic?

There is a rather comical poster hanging outside the National Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh; it flaunts a man on the steps of the museum entrance, dressed in Viking war attire and waving a sword above his head in that stereotypical way we would expect a barbaric man to do. This reenactment snapshot advertises Vikings! … Continue reading

Pharology… Need a Light?

“Anthropology, is that like…the study of Ants?” I cannot count the number of times somebody has asked me what degree I graduated with and been ridiculed for choosing “Anthropology,” either for the vagueness of its title or ignorance regarding what an “anthropologist” does after 4-years at university. Even strangers I’ve sat next to on planes … Continue reading