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Teddybearism of the Legendary Nessie

Before I came to live in Scotland, all I knew about the country was terribly stereotypical; tartan kilts, bagpipes, terriers, haggis, highland games, thistles and well, Nessie the Loch Ness Monster. Frankly I find the city’s ┬áNessie-themed trinkets for tourists a bit tacky, especially the cartoon mugs and soft toys which make the renown mystical … Continue reading

Pharology… Need a Light?

“Anthropology, is that like…the study of Ants?” I cannot count the number of times somebody has asked me what degree I graduated with and been ridiculed for choosing “Anthropology,” either for the vagueness of its title or ignorance regarding what an “anthropologist” does after 4-years at university. Even strangers I’ve sat next to on planes … Continue reading

Patterns of Patterns in Nature

On my route to work I often pass through St. Andrew’s square, which I consider to be a little oasis in the midst of Edinburgh’s concrete city center. You can’t miss the Melville Monument, because its a towering pillar smack dab in the middle of the square but this month the main focus no longer … Continue reading